Concrete leveling is a service that restores unlevel concrete back to a smooth finish without the extreme cost and destruction of the alternative tear out and re-pour. We correct unlevel concrete that has settled, been damaged from tree roots, has standing water, or that has trip hazards.

Our concrete leveling process is executed with a 2-part, closed cell, expandable polyurethane foam shot under the concrete to raise settled or heaved concrete back to level. Our environmentally friendly methods of restoring your concrete are less destructive and more aesthetically pleasing than other services. In most cases, you can have foot or vehicle traffic on your newly improved concrete within minutes of our application instead of waiting days. In addition to our leveling services, Diamond Concrete Solutions also offers coatings and overlays. We can completely resurface your concrete with an overlay system once it’s level, offering a beautiful, extremely long-lasting surface for less than the alternative.

Our methods for leveling are a step above traditional ways and means. Our company was founded on a new method of concrete and leveling: one that is environmentally friendly, more precise than others, that takes very little time to implement.

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