Flake Flooring: GRANIFLEX™ and Epoxy Flake

GRANIFLEX is a flexible yet durable, decorative concrete resurfacing solution for interior and exterior surfaces that can create the look of granite or quartz flooring. It is waterproof, stronger than concrete, flexible like rubber and is highly crack resistant.  Some of the main benefits of choosing GRANIFLEX are the moisture barrier control protection it provides and the fast installation time. And, we offer thousands of colorful chip/flake combinations and sizes. The GRANIFLEX System is the perfect application for pool decks, patios, porches, garage and basement floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, showrooms and more. Epoxy flakes are a competitively priced alternative to GRANIFLEX.

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It's the first step to enjoying your beautiful, newly minted concrete and surfaces. Your space will be ready to again enjoy in no time compared to expensive and time consuming alternatives. Relax and impress.

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