Concrete Leveling

Unlevel Concrete? Fix it! Don't replace it!

Concrete Leveling is a service that restores unlevel concrete back to a smooth, level finish without the extreme time and cost of a burdensome tear-out and re-pour. We correct unlevel concrete due to cracking, ground shifting and settling, heaving from tree roots, water intrusion, weather fluctuation and more. The end result helps eliminate standing water and trip hazards, among other benefits. In addition to our leveling services, we can completely resurface your concrete with an overlay system once it’s level, offering a beautiful, long-lasting surface.  Slip-resistance products can be added any overlay as well, provided further protection for areas like walkways and pool areas. This combination of concrete solutions sets us apart from so many of our competitors. We can level, repair, protect and beautify your surfaces with one-stop shopping. Our methods for leveling are a step above traditional ways and means.  We’ve developed and trained new methods of concrete leveling that are more environmentally friendly, more precise than others, and take very little time to implement.


Environmentally Friendly

Our concrete leveling process is combined with proprietary methods developed for better precision and executed with a 2-part, closed cell, expandable polyurethane foam shot under the concrete to raise settled or heaved concrete back to level. Our environmentally friendly methods of restoring your concrete are less destructive and more aesthetically pleasing than other services. In most cases, you can have foot or vehicle traffic on your newly improved concrete within minutes of our application instead of waiting days or weeks!


Save up to 70%

Level Up! Diamond Concrete Leveling saves property owners between 30% and 70% compared to tear-out alternatives. Give us a call now for any questions or to set up an appointment and we will get to work on your quote. You can also learn more about the services that we provide on Diamond Concrete Solutions other tabs. We look forward to helping you restore the look and feel of your home or place of business!

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It's the first step to enjoying your beautiful, newly minted concrete and surfaces. Your space will be ready to again enjoy in no time compared to expensive and time consuming alternatives. Relax and impress.

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