Wash & Seal

Pour some water on your concrete and what happens? If your concrete darkens and absorbs the water, that indicates it is UNSEALED, and it’s just a matter of time before you’re going to have problems.

Protection against cracks and stains

Living in South Carolina means your concrete goes through brutal, humid summers and wildly varying winters.  These elements expose your concrete to soak in moisture, oil, and chemicals, or even grow mildew that can stain and discolor your concrete.  Concrete acts like a big sponge, and water absorbed can freeze and expand up to 9% in the winter causing cracks, leveling issues and more.  Let us power wash your concrete clean, repair cracks, level joints, and apply our deeply penetrating concrete sealer to seal the surface and help prevent and protect against staining, cracks, and deterioration.  We proudly serve SC with our concrete sealing services to protect your driveways, sidewalks and patios for years to come. This service is one of our most reasonably priced options and provides excellent protection for your property investments.

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It's the first step to enjoying your beautiful, newly minted concrete and surfaces. Your space will be ready to again enjoy in no time compared to expensive and time consuming alternatives. Relax and impress.

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